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Rishi Bass is a experienced DJ and producer whose musical journey, rooted in hip-hop, evolved into a pioneering force in Latin Tribal House. With a career marked by versatility, innovation, and a commitment to pushing musical boundaries, Rishi stands as a living testament to the power of passion and resilience in the electronic music landscape.

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Rishi Bass: A Trailblazer's Journey Continues

Rishi Bass embarked on his musical journey in the early nineties, rooted in the world of hip-hop. These early experiences laid the groundwork for a career marked by versatility and innovation. Seamlessly transitioning into housemusic.

By the turn of the millennium, Rishi emerged as a trailblazer of Latin House in the Netherlands. His distinctive Latin Tribal House sound captivated audiences, solidifying his status as a pioneer in the genre. However, Rishi's artistic expression knew no bounds. With a penchant for experimentation, he infused his sets with soulful house vibes and techhouse, each performance offering a unique twist.

Decades into his musical journey, Rishi Bass stands tall as a living testament to the power of passion and innovation. His commitment to pushing musical boundaries and keeping his audience on their toes is reflected in his diverse sonic palette. Join him on this rhythmic odyssey as he continues to make waves, leaving an indelible mark not only in Latin Tribal House but also in the rich tapestry of soulful house and techhouse.

As Rishi became a ubiquitous presence on the nightlife scene, his name adorned the bills of major clubs and parties across Holland and Europe. His magnetic stage presence and undeniable talent made him a frequent booked artist. Simultaneously, Rishi's productions reached new heights, with each release showcasing a progression in his artistry.

The turning point arrived in 2003 when Rishi's track "Peak Compression" caught the attention of Pete Tong on the BBC Radio 1 show, solidifying his status as a steady DJ and producer. With snare and drums as his trademark, Rishi Bass became one of the originators of the popular genre "Latin House" in the Netherlands, producing numerous hits that resonated with audiences, solidified his place in the electronic music landscape.

Even today, Rishi Bass continues to captivate audiences with his distinct tribal/Latin-influenced house sound. His journey, marked by resilience, innovation, and an unyielding passion for music, remains an inspiration to aspiring artists and a testament to the timeless power of rhythm.

New Releases

Tunes to Play

La Kampo

A mesmerizing blend of electronic Latin beats and soulful melodies.

Nazia Hassan-

Boom Boom

Check out this reworked classic happy hardcore remix by Rishi "Boom Boom" Bass. Originally created in 1995 during the peak of happy hardcore in the Netherlands, this track unfortunately never saw an official release due to copyright issues. However, in 2024, it's been resurrected with a fresh twist that maintains the essence of the original while infusing it with a modern touch, keeping that nostalgic 1995 vibe alive.

Caxias do Sul

 A collaboration by lifelong friends Rishi Bass and Rob Boskamp, whose shared music taste ignites a dynamic atmosphere in the studio. This 2023 beach-house track blending infectious Latin rhythms with breezy vibes for a timeless musical journey.

Te Te Te

Immerse yourself in the rhythmic energy of 'Te, Te, Te,' a sensational Latin house track that dominated the music scene in 2010. This electrifying anthem pulsates with the infectious beats of Brazil, delivering an uplifting fusion of Latin and house music. As the captivating rhythm sweeps you away, you'll feel the vibrant spirit of Brazilian culture, making 'Te, Te, Te' a timeless partytrack that embodies the essence of the dance floors from that era."


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